It is no surprise, given recent years, that when asked to consider the most dynamic and business centric city in China, many might answer with Beijing. However, Shanghai is the largest city in the world by population, one of a handful of global financial centres, and an Asian transport hub – and it is therefore no surprise that it is also one of the worlds busiest cities when it comes to private aviation.

The length of flight to Shanghai from US and European global cities makes flying to Shanghai by private jet particularly appealing, as it allows for the most efficient use of your time to work or rest – particularly in consideration of the multiple time zones crossed and long haul nature of the flight. This is particularly the case given the current lack of direct flights from the UK to many Chinese mainland destinations other than the principal cities such as Beijing and Shanghai.

Business aside, Shanghai is also a major tourist destination, with plenty to keep you occupied, such as the Yu Garden and City God Temple, as well as countless restaurants serving delicious traditional Chinese fare and the opportunity to see first hand the famous Lujiazui city skyline.

If you would like to charter a private jet to Shanghai, or other destinations in China, please get in touch with one of our team and we will make all the necessary arrangements for you.

Private Jet Charter to Shanghai

Private jet charter from London to Shanghai starts from €137,000 based on four people one way.

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