Although you might think that chartering a private jet within the UK for a domestic flight is somewhat indulgent, we do see a healthy and growing volume of traffic, particularly between London and Scotland and the mainland UK and Northern Ireland.

This is principally driven by industry, for example between London and Aberdeen, the ‘capital’ of the domestic UK oil industry servicing North Sea production, but we do also see some corporate traffic – for instance, based on events such as corporate shoots at some of Scotland’s finest estates or grouse moors.

Increasingly however, we are also seeing growing demand from high end tourism – such as wealthy international parties wishing to experience what they perceive to be a quintessentially British lifestyle. This can include weekends hiking, shooting, fishing or stalking, whilst staying in historical luxury lodges and castles across the country. It sounds like a niche market, however it is definitely one which is growing and which is based on a strong British brand overseas and the perception of British culture held by some in recently developed and fast growing economies such as China and Brazil.

Interestingly, the cost for chartering a private jet within the UK is not hugely prohibitive – a small jet with 4-6 passengers from London to Inverness, for example, can work out to just over £1000 per head.

Aside from business and tourism, chartering a private jet can make some of the most beautiful and remote areas of the UK far more accessible, allowing you to arrive in comfort and luxury and cutting out hours of travelling by car – in our view as good a reason as any to get on and book!


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