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Availability of Private Jets: Over 9,500

Jettly is a private jet charter marketplace that is dedicated to making air travel simple, quick and luxurious. The company offers mobile and web charter booking that puts you in control of picking your flight schedule, aircraft and operator. With 9,500 private aircraft in the Jettly marketplace, you have the freedom to pick one that’s the perfect fit for your flight needs. Dedicated Jettly experts offer exceptional service 24/7/365 whether you need to reach them by phone, email or live chat. Members get access to a personal flight coordinator who will ensure that your travel booking and itinerary will go as smoothly as possible. Frequent fliers enjoy perks such as JET Miles that can be used to lower membership fees and nationwide discounts on special events, movie tickets, theme parks, car rentals and more.

Jettly Membership Types

Jettly offers three different programs with customized benefits to suit your needs:
Free, Personal and Business.

Jettly Free

The Jettly free plan membership lets you book unlimited Gig Trips, which are private short-haul flights on propeller-based aircraft that are affordable and fun. Members can also make unlimited flight requests, so they can get an idea of the charter prices on the marketplace before signing up for a paid membership.

Jettly Personal

The Jettly Personal plan includes a low monthly fee that comes with unlimited Gig Trips and an additional three air charter bookings, which is an itinerary that can consist of a single one-way flight or a multi-leg one. A personal flight coordinator will make sure that each booking is smooth-sailing from start to finish, so that you don’t have to worry about the logistics of the private flight. This plan also rewards you with benefits like the JET Miles program and discounts all over the United States and Canada.

Jettly Business

With the Jettly Business plan, companies will be able to fly with 10 air charter bookings per month along with the standard unlimited Gig Trip bookings. Similar to a Personal membership, corporate accounts get a personal flight coordinator, access to the JET Miles program and nationwide discounts. One service reserved exclusively for Business plan members is Slack or Skype integration. With this feature, each company gets a private Slack channel or Skype group so that you and your employees can communicate with the Jettly team anytime you want.

Jettly worldwide private jet charter network